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8 February 2016, Monday

The Fantastic Art of Dariusz Zawadzki – Hardcover – May 17, 2016

The Fantastic Art of Dariusz Zawadzki

by Dariusz Zawadzki (Illustrator), James R. Cowan (Foreword)

This volume contains the best works of Polish master fantasist, Dariusz Zawadzki. The painter is fast becoming one of the most popular artists in the works, within the realm of contemporary fantasy and surreal art.

The Fantastic Art of Zawadski traces Zawadzki's development over the years, displaying his art in chronological order. This allows the reader to follow the progression of his technique and creative subject matter.

In essence the sales value of this title will depend on the reaction to the art included within. Based on our experience with past artists, such as H.R. Giger, we see this as being a very positive indicator of sales. We have never received more enthusiasm for an artist's work, than has been the case with Zawadzki.

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7 February 2016, Sunday

Mechnanical Birds

Dariusz Zawadzki: Mechnaicals Birds

The subject matter of his work often includes birds or feathers nestled amongst alien invaders and sci-fi landscapes:

"There were always birds in my dreams and visions, I don’t know why. I was subconsciously fascinated with them. Today I’m fully aware of their mysteriousness and independence. Birds also have many symbolical associations, which I sometimes use.

I’m working mainly on taming my parrots. No, seriously, now I’m doing a lot of different things at one time. I’m painting a new piece and finishing a few older ones. I’m sculpting, constructing a motorcycle, and working on baroque-style frescos."

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